Friday, June 11, 2010

Fuz Pistol

Yo! Check it! It's my first plush gun! I made it for the Plush Team Call of Duty Weapons Challenge going on now. You can see other entries at the Plush Team site when they are all posted. The deadline is June 23rd, so I am a bit ahead in my completion.

So, here we have a loadable pistol crocheted in acrylic yarn and stuffed with polyfil.

It was tough to choose what weapon to make. I played around with the idea of doing Dr. Horrible's Freeze Ray, but opted for a smaller pistol instead. It feels nice to hold for some reason...


Crochet Christy said...

That is awesome! I've often wondered what I could crochet for my dad, and I think I just found the thing! Love the bullets, too!

meeyeehere said...

Everything you make is just terrific! I wish I could make something but I can't learn!