Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tickle Monster for November

My entry for the EtsyMN November challenge is the Tickle Monster. The theme is feathers, so I did what I do best and made the feather into a crocheted monster.

His name is Krump. He has three eyes, two horns and a belly button. His clothing is removable if your're into that sort of thing and he's washable if he needs a bath.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

It's Dead!

Here is a preview of my gremlin cadaver project. It started when I made an anatomical heart for my husband's dad. I began to think of crocheting human bodies, but it reminded me too much of body worlds. So I thought back to the gremlins that I had been making and combined the ideas to come up with gremlin cadavers. Gremlins have so many possibilities in body shapes and sizes, but also organs and diseases.

My first patient is this albino gremlin. So far I have most of his head done, including a removable skull and brain. He'll be about two tall when I am done. I also plan on making a case file for him to take pictures of all his parts and documenting the findings.

Oh, this is so fun! Hopefully I'll end up finishing him this month. There's a lot to crochet!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

the world of illustration and books

I've been drawing a bit more than usual, or at least some of my doodlings are becoming more than just for me. Here is a tomato as requested for kellybot. She was making a website for a class and needed a cute little drawing. I like how it turned out. Maybe I will expand on this veggie theme and make some note cards or recipe cards.Next we've got a few sketches for a technology themed poetry book and possibly the beginnings of a comic. So we shall see what becomes of it. It certainly is an exciting prospect!

In other thrilling book news I was asked to submit a picture of my crocheted animals for an amigurumi animal book that is being published by St. Martin's Press. I screamed like the not-so-little girl that I am and sent in some information.

In crochetland I am creating the most complex amigurumi I have ever endeavored to take on. I am taking my gremlins of old and making them interactive. You ask, how can they be more interactive? Well, what if you could get inside of them to see how they a cadaver. that's something! I am thinking that I shall make a book of them with patterns for all the little pieces.