Saturday, August 30, 2008

Squids and a Pattern

The first pattern available is Frances the Heart Gremlin. He's at my etsy shop right now. I'm offering him for only $2. He's sort of a test pattern to make sure my language and technique are solid. I plan on making the pattern in the form of a comic book, but I want to get the kinks out. Frances is about an intermediate/advanced level of crochet. If you get a pattern now I'll send along the completed pattern design and name a creature after you!
This squid went to Sarah of Creative Sundries.

And this one went to Megan of Moogan Creations.

More squids are made, they just need to be photographed and shipped :)


Erin K said...

I can't crochet or I'd test the heck out of your pattern because a critter with a removeable heart is plum adorble!

fuzfrenzy said...

I'd also like to get some simple beginner patterns done with lots of photo support to learn by. You can test those out for me :)

creativesundries said...

I love it so much!!!!!
It's even cuter in person!

Thanks again, Jen! :-) Sarah

Running Chick Mis said...

Cute as always!
When are you going to branch out into Hello Kittys?
Call me I just saw Deano last week.
Hope you are well!!!!