Thursday, August 21, 2008

Squid, Gremlin, Bag, & Yarn

The first Free Squid to go out goes to Chelsey! She requested a Narwhal colored squid in the fashion of the Narquin you may have seen in an earlier post. The squid will be on it's way to you tomorrow, Chelsey : )
Another mini heart gremlin. His name is Ringo and he's about 5.5 inches or 14 cm tall. This is the backside, he does have a face and a smile : )

Percella! In honor of having a sewing machine that works, I had to sew something. I was in need of a bag, so this is what I made. It's a comfortable over the shoulder messenger type thing. The important thing is that I can fit a sketch book, yarn and whatever I happen to be reading in it at the same time.

I finally spun some yarn. I was over at the Textile Center in Minneapolis and picked up some fiber from Sue's Luxury Yarn. It's a wool of some sort with some really great color combos.

Now, I need is some more squids to make! Who doesn't want a free squid?


Erin K said...

I absolutely love that bag! And your yarn is lovely

plumstars said...

I love your gremlin! So cute :)

I added you to my blog list

fuzfrenzy said...

thanks guys!

Pretty Fun said...

Your purse is too funny! And that yarn is beautiful.