Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Free Squids!

Help me celebrate fuzfrenzy's third Etsy anniversary with a free squid! All you need to do is leave a comment with an email address for me to contact you to get you your free squid. You only have until the end of September to request your free squid and I'll have to limit it to one per person. I'll be making them custom so have your color choices ready!Let the squidding begin!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Can I have a Narwhal colored squid? I think my new niecy would get a huge kick out of a squid..... But she can't have my narwhal!


creativesundries said...

May I have a squid?
It's not for my niece, either--but I don't have any nieces.
I plan on keeping it for myself. ;-)
Can you choose a color for me?
Thank you, Jen!!!!!!!!!!

Samaria Project said...

Wow I would love a free squid! I would love a blue one!

Thanks so much!
How exciting!

plumstars said...

I would love a free squid! My little ones in class will love it :)

An orangey-yellow one please - Thanks!


armygirlfriend said...

I'd love to have one.
Pink is my favorite color.
Thanks. :D

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE a yellow squid. You are awesome. :D


Mandy said...

Squuuuuuiiiid!! I would definitely love to home a finger squid if you have time to make more.

info (at) sappymoosetree.com

Lucinda said...

I would love a squid!
Would a brown and pink one be possible?

Woohoo!! Thank you!!


Weirdbuglady said...

How fun! Your squids are so cute.

Lime green is my favorite color :)


Erin K said...

I'd love a squid! I'd most love a peachy pink type color. but I'd be thrilled with any squid!

This is so awesome

Anonymous said...

Oh my oh my! These squid rock! I would love one :)

*sunchips* said...

These are awesome! I'd love to add to add a lime green and light blue squid to our finger puppet family. I love all of your work, thanks for sharing!

mom2babyben at yahoo dot com

Erin K said...

me again, I think my link has my email but if not


sorry! :)

moogan said...

free squids!!!!


mel*~reachforthestars~* said...

Hi jen!

Wow, this is adorable! Great sewing skills! ;) Anyway, could you help me create a squid? Maybe a pink squid with black eyes? Thanks!


listeningmoth said...

I'd love a free squid. Maybe brown to match the squid costume I made last Halloween. Or blue, or yellow, or whatever suits your fancy.

How wonderful! Happy anniversary!
I'm here:


fuzfrenzy said...

What an awesome surprise this morning to see you all lined up for squids! Here I go to crochet :)

pwnmonster said...

aww i would love a free squid in any color! :D


pwnmonster said...

aww i would love a free squid in any color! :D


Anonymous said...

OMG, those are cute. I'd love one in any color. Thanks!


AileenFairycat's Costume Closet said...

I love your squids!! I so want one to take to the Renaissance Faire! I love the blue one in the photo, but am open to other colors too!

You are so awesome!


PurrPrints said...

oo--I'd LOVE one of your adorable squids--youc an contact me through purrprints at gmail dot com. I'd love for it to be purple with green eyes, if that's possible (my two fave colors).

What a great giveaway!

Sophie ^^ said...

These squids are great, I just have to ask if I could get one over here in England??! D:
Your talent is AMAZING and I am envious regardless ^^
(I'd love any colour if it's possible by the way! sophie_corrigan@yahoo.co.uk)

Tina Amato said...

I want a free squid! They're ADORABLE! I want a gray one, like the one all the way to the right of your picture.

This is fantastic!!

Pretty Fun said...

Free squids! Wooo!!! I would like a purple one.

Emerald Arts said...

Free Squids? Really? That's so cool :)

I don't know what colour I would like... Um... do you have Emerald green?

can I post you something back so that I don't feel guilty about asking for free stuff?

Emerald Arts said...

oops, apparently I need to leave my email haha


Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Hello hello! I met you at Renegade today & would love a squid for my 2 lb chihuahua I mentioned! I think she would be in to purple! It was nice meeting you today.