Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Zooming June zzzzzzzzz......

Good day! I confess that I don't have anything to add on the creative front with pictures of things I have created. I am working on a custom hula hoop and writing in between being over stretched from work.

I work in a bookstore and I am getting ready for Harry Potter, throwing other parties and doing tons of training. I vow to have the biggest & best Harry Potter Party ever! So, if you are in Minnesota it would be worth it to come to the Borders in Minnetonka.

I am so excited! We are throwing a Grand Hallows Ball and I am going to be a death eater. It will be fun for all, guaranteed.

I am also hoping to get Stephenie Meyer in for a Vampire Soiree in the beginning of August to celebrate the release of her book Eclipse.

Writings---I am working on a little picture book about a girl who decided to make a hula hoop and how she brings her neighborhood together through it. I wrote the story when I should have been crocheting. I hope to get it printed and hand bind it after I complete the illustrations. I will keep it small and post parts of the edition on my etsy shop.

I am also going back into a longer young adult novel that I started as a result of needing a short story to apply to grad school. Well, I got into grad school for writing, I just have to be sure its really what I should do right now. I plan on finishing this story by the end of 2007 and maybe I'll get someone to publish it...

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