Monday, June 11, 2007


The Long Awaited Return-- or so I'd like to think... but anyway here's a summary of what has been going on. I was at Craftstravaganza selling some fun stuff on April 28th. Here's the site if you're interested- . I brought quite a few of the items that are listed in earlier entries here, but there were some cup cozies that never saw the flash of a camera. I sold out by 2pm that what a day. I was down to my last cup cozy-the bee cup cozy- when Vanessa from Etsy came around with a video camera. She interviewed me and then apologized for buying my last item.

What you'll see in this post is what I displayed for the art show I was in at AZ Gallery in St. Paul on the 26th of May.

The main piece was my Gigantic T-shirt Amigurumi Octopus named Henry! The t-shirts were collected at work from generous people who thought giving them to me to create an unknown thing would be okay. The yarn was cut in spiral through the body of the shirt and in strips through the arm/neck region. All sections were tied together and crocheted into the masterpiece you see here. I had to go searching for a large enough hook to complete the task. I am lucky that Lion Brand just came up with a size S hook or I would have had to make my own. I was procrastinating enough as it was!

The next bits are Tin Critters with drawings on handmade paper on the tins and a crocheted buddy to keep it all safe. They also function as a key chain for broader usefulness.

I am currently making a custom hula hoop for someone and as I was sitting in Caribou working on it one morning this week I decided that I needed to write a story about a girl who makes her own hoop using what she could find in her neighborhood. The hooping unites the neighborhood in unexpected ways. The book also serves as a tutorial so that if you wished to make a crochet covered hula hoop you would have all the information you would need to do so. I plan on having the mini picture books up in my shop in the next couple of weeks.

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