Thursday, July 12, 2007

Writing Transformed By Crochet

Well, since I have been writing a bit more it tends to consume my thoughts. It invariably has an impact on what I make and something like this happens: When I should have been finishing this:
So, anyway the I finally finished the custom hula hoop. In the process I wrote the story about Adalide who makes a hoop and brings her neighborhood together. And then I needed to crochet her. I love her arms and legs because they are semi-posable.

The story of Adalide will be put into a miniature book after I finish the illustrations. This will be the first of many little books that I shall publish under Squeaky Daisy Press--just named this last week when I realized that I needed a publishing name. Daisy was one of our first pet rats. She was particularly fond of me, while Marge had her sights for Josh.

In the mean time there will be more amigurumi characters that will come alive from my soon as Harry Potter is finished. By that I mean that I am spending quite a bit of time being Potter-focused while getting ready for the grand hallows ball book release at my store.

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