Monday, June 15, 2009

Turtle Soup!

My ingredient for the Iron Plush challenge was Mirrors. I used sequins as my mirror element on the turtle shells, the little ones and the big one.

I made this turtle soup according to Cajun tradition in that it is quite a bit like a tomato bisque and topped with a slice of lemon. The turtles are swimming on top of the tomato soup of the tomato mixture on this case and can be taken out and moved around if you wish.

It's soup you can hug!

To see other entries in the Plush Team Iron Plush challenge go check out the blog. There were a bunch of us that signed up for this challenge. There were 5 groups each with one specific ingredient that had to be used and about 5 people were in each group. The 5 ingredients were, foam, pom poms, mirrors, velcro and faux fur. The contest will be judged soon by our panel of celebrity judges.

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