Thursday, April 02, 2009

Coraline Mystery Box Swap Received!

I got my Coraline Box from Gabe McFadden in the mail! I don't know Gabe's blog address, but as soon as I find out I'll link to it for you to check it out.

Look at all those great buttons on the spine of this super book box.

Opening it up revealed more buttons and that this was box number 25 of 44.

The buttons in the wax seal was a pleasant surprise when opening the letter explaining what was in the box. Here is how the letter reads:

Dear Jennifer,

The items in this box have been selected and made especially for you. it includes a cheese sample taken from Mr. Bobinsky's mailbox, a selection of "aged" taffies from Miss Spink and Miss Forcible (eating these would make you feel very unpleasant), one of Mr. Bobinsky's beets and a pair of custom 3D glasses for when you watch the movie.

I hope you enjoy this box!


And yes, Gabe I do enjoy this box!

Here is Mr. Bobinsky's cheese of the month and enclosed letter.

And then we have the inedible taffy, a truly charming beet and snazzy buttony 3D glasses.

Thanks Gabe! It's fabulous!

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