Sunday, April 05, 2009

Branching Out

Occasionally, I read things that can be found outside of a children's book section. And sometimes these books are also outside of the Science Fiction and Fantasy section. One such book I am reading is work related for a book club thing at my store. The fun thing is that it is also about something else I am quite taken with.

The book is Kate Jacobs' The Friday Night Knitting Club. So far I am enjoying it and I am actually looking forward to finishing it and reading her other books.

I also thought you might want to see my newest gremlin. His name is Artie and he is an artichoke gremlin. Basically his little coat is full of little pockets and one of them has a little crocheted heart in it. Artie is really shy and likes to spend most of his time in his coat.

But when you get a look inside you see that he is really handsome. I try to tell him this ten times a day to help build his self esteem. It might be working because he is smiling for the photograph.

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