Wednesday, October 03, 2007

the world of illustration and books

I've been drawing a bit more than usual, or at least some of my doodlings are becoming more than just for me. Here is a tomato as requested for kellybot. She was making a website for a class and needed a cute little drawing. I like how it turned out. Maybe I will expand on this veggie theme and make some note cards or recipe cards.Next we've got a few sketches for a technology themed poetry book and possibly the beginnings of a comic. So we shall see what becomes of it. It certainly is an exciting prospect!

In other thrilling book news I was asked to submit a picture of my crocheted animals for an amigurumi animal book that is being published by St. Martin's Press. I screamed like the not-so-little girl that I am and sent in some information.

In crochetland I am creating the most complex amigurumi I have ever endeavored to take on. I am taking my gremlins of old and making them interactive. You ask, how can they be more interactive? Well, what if you could get inside of them to see how they a cadaver. that's something! I am thinking that I shall make a book of them with patterns for all the little pieces.

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