Monday, May 04, 2009

Vote for Spot!

My pal Spot is in a contest! He's in the Monthly Challenge Contest for my HandmadeMN team. You can head on over to the blog to cast your vote. Of course I'd like you to vote for me so that I get two weeks of free advertising on the blog, but I also want you to choose the entry that most deserves the advertising.

A little bit about Spot - He's a three headed dog. And honestly at the show this weekend about half the people chimed in with the response, "like the dog in Harry Potter!" So I took the opportunity to educate them. I told them that Fluffy was based on a dog from Greek mythology named Cerberus who guards the gates of Hades. I call my buddy Spot because it seemed fitting, but I still had yet to decide what kind of spot to put on him that would justify the name. In the end, during the beginning of the show, I was stitching in SPOT in Braille on his back.

Here's the link so that you can go vote:


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urban craft said...

Very cool, I voted for you. Hope you win!