Friday, December 26, 2008

Lots of critters

This little guy was super fun to make. I really didn't know where I was going and in fact I set out to make a teeny robot. He didn't have the right feel for a bot, so he became a gremlin and then a gremlin with a scarf. And what does a gremlin with a scarf need more than anything else? A plane, of course! So here you have it. Shatner (I had to name him that thanks to my wonderful hubby's naming skills) is living and flying somewhere near Maple Grove, MN.

Stormy and Ralph came about when I had the need to make something with long, skinny arms and legs. I made Ralph the unicorn first and keep going with Stormy the dog. They are the perfect handful and make a great tag along pal.

Twinkle lights are great and abundant at this time of year. But how many of you have seen crocheted ones? I'd guess that there aren't too many of you...yet. This one might become a year round favorite. I confess that we have Christmas lights up in our living room all year round. They make for great even lighting. The great thing about crocheted ones is that they won't die on you and you don't have to worry about those tiny little fuses.

The narguin is back! And this one's for Chelsey. You may remember the narwhal penguin I made last year for the Etsy Minnesota Street Team winter challenge. His name is Manuel and he looks a lot like this guy. He was adopted in the Spring at the Crafstravaganza event. Chelsey requested one for herself and I made her one. He's over a foot tall and super hugable. Doesn't everyone need a Narguin?
Ribbon yarn makes a great octopus. The tentacles spiral in such a magical way and the texture is a little rougher than normal yarn. The neat thing is that she's just a squeezable and loveable. Harriet only has one eye, which makes her a cycloptopus. You can adopt another one of these great cycloptopuses at the Plush Team Etsy shop. The entire adoption fee for Jane will go toward the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.

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amanda said...

you should attach that gremlin to the wing of that airplane a la twilight zone. it would be funny. well, maybe just to me.