Thursday, October 16, 2008

Handmaiden Show

The Handmaiden Show went well this weekend. There were quite a few people funneling through during the day. And my table was quite a bit emptier as the day went on. I am thinking about making a new banner, but I'm still kind of attached to my hand sewn one. I confess that the black fabric on the table has sequins on it and initially served as a cape for the Harry Potter book 7 release Party. Now I've used it on the table at 3 shows. :)
I made these cute little heart gremlin key chains for the show this weekend and they went quickly. I'll definitely by making more.

These guys are in the picture from the last post because I brought them to Chicago. I sold the Octopus in Chicago and the rest went to their new homes this weekend. The rocks in costumes are a big hit and they are fun to design. Speaking of which, I need to make Dave a Penguin :)