Saturday, June 14, 2008

Graham the Gremlin

Graham is the second pattern that I will offer in my shop. Here you can see that he was inspired by the fabulous Froderick. I went with a smaller version. He still isn't a quick bugger to make, but Graham is more manageable to replicate.And look! His pants and belt are removable. He's got to be interactive as well as charming. I am thinking that the patterns will look more like a comic bookish style with each creature alongside to give pointers to those that venture into the patterns.


Anonymous said...

How adorable! :) Bet they take a long time to make? Thanks for sharing with us!

Christy said...

They are super cute!! Great picture taking in your Etsy shop! :) Wow.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinion on my portfolio. I agree with you! :)