Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Some new things: Sylvia Blue is an irresistible little critter with a white panther costume. She is made with cotton yarn, which is a first for me. She feels great and is super cuddly. Just look at that smile!Another first is with Logan's Cthulhu. He is made with wool that I handspun. He took two skeins. Even though I spin I usually make creatures with acrylic yarns. I really enjoyed this venture into different materials, which I will explore some more.
Hansel and Gretel have been on the Plush Team site for a little bit now, so I thought they should be here, too. They have already been welcomed into their new home in New Jersey. These two were initially made for a plush team challenge involving favorite fairy tales and stories. My partner was Jenni from SLC Studio . She is creating a yummy pot of Stone Soup and I chose Hansel and Gretel from among her favorites. I could not create a normal duo, so I made them mutants : )

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amanda said...

jenni!!! thanks for checking out our blog! i miss you! i am going to venture out of my home sometime soon, so i will have to come hang out with you. even if it just for a little while to get a cup of hot cocoa (coffee for you) or whatever.

your lil' creatures are darling. izzy loves her lil' ninja kitty. she has fun little spot in the nursery.